Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bassistry Arts Assembly

On Wednesday and Thursday, Bassistry Arts came and visited our school. A year group at a time, we went into the hall and started learning and practising rhythms.
Next we were split into seven groups. Each group was given a different instrument to play, one after another and then together. The instruments were:
Claves, rakatak, woodblock, drums, bongo drums, shakers, tambourine.
A man called Marcel was playing the electric guitar and a man called Phil was playing on the drum kit.
On Thursday afternoon in assembly, each class had to perform a different song to the rest of the school. The song that we performed was called ‘I’m like a rolling stone’ and it was a very fun song to sing because there were all sorts of different dance moves to different parts of the song.
by Georgie and James, the class reporters for class PL/KV.