Monday, 13 March 2017

Gardening Club

...A hive of activity!!

What a beautiful start to the new gardening club for this term.  We have children from all year groups and it was lovely to see them all interacting with each other and helping each other.    We had a wander around the community gardens, stood and admired the amazing view of Framlingham Castle - we wonder how many other gardening clubs have got a view like ours!!!

We looked at the school flower beds and vegetable beds - some still had a sprouts and cabbages in but they all needed weeding and tidying up. So we set too, after we had put our gardening gloves on,  with trowels, forks, weed buckets and great teamwork!!

The beds that needed tidying




We all worked really hard to pull up the old vegetables, dig out the weeds and old roots - there were even worms and weevils found in the ground!  What an amazing job using teamwork and cooperation on such a lovely sunny afternoon!!