Wednesday, 22 March 2017

STEM Challenge - Class LH

Today class LH had a go at the ‘STEM’ challenge.  The children needed to design a free standing bridge or tower that would hold a foam ball.  It had to be 10cm off the floor, they were only allowed to use newspaper and sellotape and of course....teamwork!!

We have been looking at materials and their properties.  The children used terms such as 'rigid', 'strong', 'stable' and then had a think about how they would design their structure. Many different ideas were tried, many challenges laid ahead but with perseverance and determination, most groups managed to design a structure that would hold the ball.  

Good teamwork and thinking about what was needed to support the ball.  

All groups were tested and after each one, we discussed what they would differently next time and how it could be improved.  

Well done Class LH on great teamwork and perseverance!