Friday, 10 March 2017

Science - The Heart

This morning I experienced a pig’s heart being dissected by Miss Whipps. First, she got the heart out of the bag and talked about how a pig’s heart is very similar to a human heart. She also explained that if you eat too much fatty food or smoke, your arteries can block up and you wouldn’t be able to get any blood around your body.
Next, she cut open the heart and we could see inside it-there were a lot of tubes and we could see one side of the heart was bigger than the other. It was a really interesting lesson and we had time to ask questions at the end.
By Joshua  

Year 6 went into Class VW to see a pig’s heart be dissected by Miss Whips.
The heart had just been unfrozen and was covered in clots of blood.

We watched her cut it in two sections and she showed us all the different pieces of it. It was very interesting to see it in real life and see it get cut up.
By Benedict