Monday, 16 October 2017

Food! Glorious food!

This week was our last week for  gardening club this year and so, as tradition dictates, we enjoyed a picnic with freshly grown and picked fruit and vegetables.  It was delicious!  We ate carrot batons, grated beetroot, fresh tomatoes,  juicy pears, a mix of fresh fruits and Mrs Eyles made a delicious apple cake.

We reminisced about this year in gardening club and all the activities that we have been successful in accomplishing. Hal said he liked the weeding.  Oliver gave a very detailed account of propagating which was his favourite part, and he told us that you “look for the knobble on the plant, and cut just above it.” He has been doing this at home to grow some new plants for next year. 

Dylan enjoyed planting the sunflowers but Tamara relished pulling them up especially as they were taller than her!  Rafferty loved looking at the allotments to see the variety of things that were being grown and also enjoyed our weekly look around the rest of the community gardens to see what changes had happened.

Ruby enjoyed planting the garlic and onion sets and was also interested in looking at the allotments and the way the fruit, vegetables and flowers were planted and grew.  Lily particularly took pride in the watering.  Rory especially appreciated planting the Hyacinth bulbs as they could be grown and given as a present. 

As you can see, there have been a range of activities that the children have really been engaged in and learnt a lot about.  The difference in their favourite activities has really shown the strength of teamwork among this group.  They have worked very well and cooperated with each other brilliantly.  

Thank you to Mr Duggen for his continued support and commitment to showing us the way.  His expertise is invaluable and the children have learnt an incredible amount through his knowledge and skill.

At the end of this productive year, we have planted the Sea Holllies, a self-setted lavender bush and some garlic and onion sets.  We look forward to starting again next spring when we will see the changes to these plants and look forward to growing some new fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Sea Hollies planted 

Garlic and onion sets begin their journey ready for next spring.