Thursday, 5 October 2017

Which material is strongest?

Class AB investigated the strength different materials today. We were given the challenge of building a wall that would stay standing when a ball was rolled at it. At first we discussed how we could build the walls using either lolly sticks, newspaper or art straws. We also thought that in order for our investigation to be fair, we would need to keep some things the same. As a class we decided to keep the force of the ball the same, the size of the wall and the size of the ball we were rolling. We made a prediction as to which material we thought would be strongest. It was important that we designed our walls before we started. As we started our investigation some of us discovered that some materials became stronger when they were put together or made into a different shape. We used masking tape, sellotape and blu tac to fasten the materials together. Here are some pictures of us building our walls and some of the finished products.