Thursday, 12 October 2017

What do you think is beyond the tunnel?

Class AB heard the beginning of a story. It was about a boy called Tim and a girl called Tilly. They wanted to go on an adventure and ended up in the woods. When they followed the path through the woods it lead them to a tunnel. 
Where do you think the tunnel leads? 

Here are some of our ideas...

'I think that it goes to a Halloween world. There is a cat that talks to Tim and Tilly.' - Beau

' I think that is goes to wreck land. There are pic axes so that they can mine for diamonds. The reason it looks so messy is because everything is messy.' - Finley

'Tim and Tilly meet a talking frog who invites them in for ice cream.' - Diego

As well as creating the worlds on the other side of the tunnel out of lego or drawing them, we made predictions of what we thought would happen in our writing books.