Thursday, 12 October 2017

WWII Air Raid Shelter at Thomas Mills

Today the Year 6 went to TMHS to see  two air raid shelters. It was fascinating! Mrs Moore told us aout the old Head teacher from SRH – she went to church every Sunday and then on to see her sister. But one day she was ill and she couldn’t go to church and a German pilot, returning from war, he didn’t want a bomb in his plane, so he dropped it on her house. We went into two air raid shelters, one was a museum and the other had chairs and benches-it was very dark. My favourite part of the day was when we looked at the artefacts like bayonets and grenades, water pumps and letters and then we went back to our school. It was a very fun trip.
Fact: Bayonets were used in WWI and WWII
Today, Year 6 went to TMHS to see the air raid shelters they have there. When we arrived in the classroom there were lots of things to look at like: an old grenade, a gas mask and some cook books. Some of the letters were hard to read because they had very neat and curly handwriting. Next, we all pretended that we were really evacuating and we all rushed into the air raid shelter. It was very strange sitting on the handmade bench in the dark shelter. My favourite part of the day was looking at the ration books and the cooking books, they had very interesting food recipes that sounded disgusting.