Thursday, 4 October 2018

Year 6 presented with illustrated dictionaries from Framlingham Rotary Club

Early in each autumn term, the Rotary Club of Framlingham presents an illustrated dictionary to every student in Year 6 at Framlingham Sir Robert Hitcham’s CEVAP School.  Each copy has the name of the student inscribed.  This year’s Rotary Club President, Richard Corbett, presented the dictionaries during school assembly today.

The school and pupils are very grateful to the Rotary Club for this generous donation.

Framlingham Rotarian, Hilary Clemence-Mann has given a word challenge to the pupils and prizes will be awarded to the winners in the summer term in 2019. Only words found in the dictionary are counted, so the internet is not allowed. Over recent years, there have been a variety of competition themes, for example, ‘animals’.  Bonus points can be won for words discovered with double starting letters and words which spell the same word forwards and backwards (palindromes). Pupils are usually surprised to find out they already know two palindromes very well indeed – mum and dad.

The topic for 2017/18 was extremely popular – ‘parts of the human body’. There were many very well researched pieces of work, with some getting bonus points for a word with both a ‘y‘ and a ‘z’ in it – enzyme! The outstanding quality of the work resulted in ten prizes being awarded.

For 2018/19, the subject will be ‘birds’ – perhaps it will spark off an interest in ornithology amongst the Year 6 group.