Monday, 22 May 2017

British Values and Democracy - Class RH

Class RH received a letter from Mr. Richard Richalot. The letter outlined plans for a new water sports activity centre to be built next to the Mere in Framlingham. Some of class RH thought this was a great idea, and some didn’t!
Class RH split into two teams, the ‘For’ team and ‘Against’ team. Some of us put our names forward to be the party leader. The rest of the party then voted in an election for who they wanted to lead. Each party narrowed it down to just four candidates before making their final decision. We then discussed a name for our party and chose a colour to represent us. The party leaders then chose a party member to go to the library to find some books, and 4 computing experts to collect laptops. Each party collected their ideas and points and then decided who would say what in the debate, with each member of the party writing a point on a cue card. We held the debate, Mrs.Hamilton was our ‘speaker’ to make sure that we followed the ‘Debate Rules’ that we created as class – ensuring everyone had their chance to speak.

Well done to the ‘River Party’ led by Seth for their great debate skills and well done to the ‘Black Widow’ party led by Anna  for their fantastic research and preparation skills. Awards also went to Eva and Jessica for their wonderful passionate debating skills. 
The debate was a fantastic opportunity to develop our speaking and listening skills and to put into practice all that we have been learning about British Values and Democracy.