Thursday, 25 May 2017

Tudor Times at the Castle

Today, Classes VW and SC walked to Framlingham Castle. 
We talked about the Tudors role in relation to the Castle, thinking about its relatively close proximity to London and transport links.  Any attackers would have been spotted approaching and would have had to negotiate the Mere and the surrounding ditch.  When we walked around the top of the wall, we looked at the red chimneys which had been added by the Tudors for decorative effect.  We also looked at the thickness of the walls and Mrs. Moore talked about the materials in greater depth.  With various structural works going on at the Castle, Miss Whipps asked her class about what whether they thought the Castle would still be in existence in 150/ 200 years from now.  Some thought it would be, others thought there was a possibility it could be turned into houses, etc.  We agreed that this would be a bad idea as it forms a huge part of Framlingham’s heritage! 
Thank you to Mrs. Moore and Mrs. McCormac for all your help today.