Thursday, 11 May 2017

Trip to the Castle

Today Nursery went on a trip to Framlingham Castle. The children walked there and back brilliantly, listening to their adults and keeping safe. When we got to the castle we shouted down the well to see if there were any dragons living there. We enjoyed listening to the echo, but didn't get an answer from any dragons. Some of the children wondered if they might be asleep. 
We sat on the grass and read our book "In the Castle". We noticed that the castle in the book looked very much like our Framlingham Castle, with a similar doorway and walls. The book helped us learn about life long ago when people lived in castles. We had a gallop as knights across the grass and then walked like Kings and Queens. We then climbed the scaffold stairs to the wall and walked all the way round, looking at the mere, church and houses. We spotted narrow windows for firing arrows through to keep the enemies away and fireplaces, towers and chimneys. When we were just about to come back down one of the children spotted a dragon by the door on the top of the wall! We thought he looked lonely so we took him down to have snack with us. We had a run, found some numbers and then we practised our storytelling song before heading back to school. We decided that the dragon might like someone to look after him and so we brought him back to Nursery with us to meet Red our counting dragon. We wondered if they might be cousins. Fancy finding a dragon at the castle after all! 

The children were a delight, great fun and good company on our adventure. We were very proud of them all!
A HUGE thank you to our helpers too!
Sharing a book at the castle

Wall walk
Being dragons!
Looking at the mere from the top of the wall
Our new dragon friend!

Singing in the castle.