Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Gardening club

Planting new vegetables and flowers

This week, runner beans and sunflowers were planted in preparation for the summer.  We are hoping to grow our sunflowers for the Framlingham Horticultural Show later on this year.  A dibber was used to put a hole in the compost anmd then each hole had a seed placed in it.  They were watered using a watering can with a rose on it - we learnt that this was better than a watering can with just a spout as it didn't drown in water.  We also planted out some more broad beans, some courgette plants and some more Cosmos flowers.

Using the dibber to make a hole for the seed

Watering the seeds using the rose on the watering can - gently does it!  

Phew - this weeding is hard work!