Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Class LH find the colours of the rainbow

An array of natural colours for "Scented Garden"

Class LH visited the field today to continue enhancing our research about the topic of "Scented Gardens".  A treasure hunt of a variety of types of flowers eg 4-petals, 5-petals, daisy shaped and umbrella shaped were searched for.  Not only were the types of flowers hunted for but also the differing colours.  

Each pupil had their own colour swatch in which they needed to find a natural growing plant to match one of the colours.  Not everything was a shade of green - in fact we found shades of yellow, brown, blue, red, purple, green and orange.  Isn't nature an amazing place?  What an array of colours!! 

Deciding which shade of yellow the Dandelion is.

Searching for the Wisteria colour match. 

Checking the tone of the flowers - even under the shady trees proved tricky. 

Eagle eyed - we even found a shade of blue buried deep beneath the grass.