Friday, 12 May 2017

Volunteer Champion

We are always delighted to acknowledge the wonderful support of our many volunteers - we are lucky enough to have over 60 of them - but this week, one specific volunteer stands out.
Mrs Coles has been a volunteer helping with reading for 20 YEARS, she started volunteering with us back in 1997 and has been here almost every school week since then and she now reads regularly with children in Class PLKV.
Yesterday the children presented her with a wonderful 'Thank you' card and a beautiful plant.  They also asked her a few questions.. find out her answers below.

Here were the questions that the children asked Mrs Coles, along with her answers:

You have been at this school reading for 20 years, which you must have enjoyed. Why did you start to read with us?
This is such a happy school to be a part of and I have enjoyed every class that I have read with. The children are so polite; you are a credit to your school.

What was your former job?
I worked for many years as a nurse.

Have you just read with Mrs Lord’s class, or have there been other classes as well?
I began reading with Mrs Greenacre’s class, and then I read with Mrs Dwyer’s class, so I knew Mrs Dwyer such a long time ago it was before she was married. During the time that I was helping in the class Mrs Dwyer was married and had three children. I also helped Mrs Lord, as she and Mrs Dwyer taught the same class between them.

What was it like when you were at school when you were a child?
When I was at school children weren’t always treated well and sometimes got hit with a ruler. You children are so fortunate that your teachers look after you well and do interesting lessons for you. When I was at school we spent a lot of time learning our times tables and we were taught how to read.

Have you always lived in Framlingham and gone to the high school or the college?
No, I came to Framlingham 25 years ago, with my husband; I have moved to several different places in England, working as a nurse.

What is your favourite book or author that a child has read to you?
         I can’t really choose a favourite, as I enjoy hearing all the children who read to me,          and like listening to all the different books.

We will be inviting all our volunteers to our annual 'Thank you Tea' on Thursday 22 June.