Monday, 8 May 2017

Gardening Club

A busy afternoon in the garden...

This afternoon the gardening club have been busy transplanting and sowing seeds.   A small team prepared the wigwam by using canes and netting ready for the sweet peas to climb.  They then planted out the sweet peas at the bottom of the net.  

Another team helped weed and prepare the trenches for the Anubiz pea seeds.  The trenches were dug about 15cm wide and the pea seeds planted in the bottom.  

Another group planted out the grasses and Cosmos flowers into the flower bed and watered them in.  The final team planted out lettuces ensuring that their roots were deep enough into the soil and pressed down hard to give them a good start.  The broad beans that we planted last time are already about 15cm high and look very healthy. 

Preparing the wigwam for the sweet peas.

Transplanting the lettuces next to the broad beans. 

Planting the pea seeds in the trenches after finishing the weeding. 

The important task of filling the watering cans ready to water all the transplanted plants.  Great job boys!

 Well done on all the teamwork again helping each other and working carefully with the delicate plants.