Thursday, 11 May 2017

Fun at the field and our tent

On Tuesday Nursery went to visit our field. We ran up and down our big slopes and noticed that our bodies were getting warmer as we exercised. We then got the big balls out and practised kicking them to each other or dribbling with them, kicking them as we ran along. This made us even warmer and some of us had to take our coats off. When we had finished we went to wash our hands in the pavillion before having snack together on the benches. We got to watch the big children doing PE which was fun. We then went to look at the building site and the trees, talking about the differences we noticed since the last time we visited. After that we went to the new tent. We took our shoes off and enjoyed the magical space. We shared the story of Sleeping Beauty and then sang our song that we are learning for the Arts Festival. A lovely day being outdoors!