Wednesday, 12 March 2008

House Logos

In computer club we have been designing and creating some house logos - we do not have any at the moment.

Bulstrode (Blue) is named after Canon Bulstrode an old priest in Framlingham church and School by Robert.

Howard (Yellow) was the 2nd Duke of Norfolk. He had a Royal background and lived in Fram castle so I put lions on my shield by Tom D.

Thomas Mills (Green) was a local rich man who built alms houses. Our high school is named after him and so is a local old peoples home and alms house.
by Michael

Hitcham (Red) is named after Sir Robert Hitcham. He owned the castle, built the primary school and nearby alms houses using stone from part of the castle.
by Georgia

We hope you like our designs so far. Could you design a better one?
We will be running a competition soon so that people can vote for their favourite. The chosen logos will then be used on future house paper work, certificates etc.