Thursday, 20 March 2008

Year 5 Horrible History Terrible Tudor Trip

On Monday 17th March the year five’s from Sir Robert Hitcham went to see Horrible History’s Terrible Tudor’s. The theatre we went to was the Ipswich Regent. The theatre was very large and a bit posh. We had a great time as for the second half we got to wear 3D glasses which turned evrything 3D. So when a canon ball was fired it looked like the cannon ball would hit you in the face!

After the performance we went to Christchurch Park for lunch. After lunch we went to a different part of Christchurch park to play some game’s. Once we had played some games we got back on the coach to come back to school, it the end of a perfect day.

By Alfie Hulbert.

listen to Terry Deary reading from one of his stories