Friday, 21 March 2008

Jazz at Robert Hitcham's

On the 19th March, Sir Robert Hitcham’s Primary school listened and watched exciting jazz and blues. There were two men called Jack and Dan. They played piano and trumpet pieces including one called my front teeth by Jack. They both played amazingly and everyone loved it. Jack played the piano and Dan played the trumpet. Mrs Mawson knew them both when she was at school she said they loved their music and were always playing their instruments. If Jack saw a piano anywhere he would start playing. Sebastian Roberts said he thought the piano was amazing and the trumpet was awesome. Jake Clucas said It wasn’t his type of music but he thought they were brilliant at jazz. Jack has never had a piano lesson in his whole life! And he sounds like a pro! Jack teaches young people piano.

By Sebastian Roberts, Jake Lal, Jake Clucas

Watch this video (filmed by Ewan Payne) of Jack and Dan in action