Thursday, 13 March 2008

10 Pin Bowling Trip

On Wednesday 12th March, the year 5 + 6 classes went to Kingpin, Martlesham as a reward for good behaviour.
Class DB have a marble jar, which Mr Brook or Mrs Mawson puts some marbles (see 'marble jar' on blog to see how many marbles were in the jar)in when we are good. When the marble jar gets full up, we get a treat and we went bowling for our treat.
We all got on the coach at 6.00 Wednesday evening and made a short bus journey to the Bowling Alley. When we arrived, we all piled into the space section of Kingpin, we typed our names into the score screens and then started bowling! We all had a lot of fun bowling even if we didn’t win!
Sam got the highest score of 127.
Some people brought money to buy slush puppies, sweets and even chips.
At 8.15, we all got back on the coach to go back to school where are parents awaited us!
We all had great fun bowling and hope we get another treat soon.
by Laetitia Class DB

Click on video below